2020 Census Brings Jobs to Pike County

If you are looking for a short term, part time job, please see below:


1.  Apply online at 2020 census.gov/jobs

2. Any questions about jobs call this phone number 1-855-562-2020

3. Pay rate for Pike County PA: $16.00 an hour while working and $14.50 an hour during training for address canvassers and enumerators.

4. Census Field Supervisors pay rate for Pike County: $17.50 an hour while working and $16.00 during training.

5. Address Canvassers job description: Verify addresses of local residences in the community.

6.  Enumerator job description: ask questions from the 2020 census Questionnaire to members of the community.

7. Census Field Supervisor job descriptions: Supervise and train address canvassers and enumerators.

8. 18 years or older to work but can apply at 17 years old. When the individual turns 18 the applicant will become eligible to work for the U.S. Census Bureau.

9. No High School Diploma needed to be eligible to work

10. Weekly pay